Why sending Sympathy Flowers is so special

When your friends and family are experiencing the loss of a loved one, sending sympathy flowers is the perfect way to express your empathy and support them through their time of sadness, especially when you're far away or wanting to give them a visual reminder that you care and are thinking of them.

Grief can be extremely lonely for some people, but the act of receiving sympathy flowers during this period is so powerful. I've felt very privileged and humbled to witness the teary, but joyful faces of people who are going through the toughest of times, and seeing their brief pause in sadness - simply because someone has thought of them, and cared enough to order flowers to be delivered, especially for them. 

I have a florist friend who once told me that he would always suggest to customers a wee bouquet at the initial time of bereavement, and then another a few weeks later when things had quietened down and their new "normal" started sinking in. I always loved this sentiment and thought it was the loveliest way to provide extended support to loved ones. Clover Blooms offers traditional sympathy bouquets that range in price from $59 to $99, just like our daily bouquets so a great way to be able to show you care when your friends and loved ones are grieving a loss.


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