The "real' cost of flowers in NZ

A common challenge faced by many florists today, is the misconception that flowers are "easy" to grow, and therefore shouldn't cost much... or that foliage is freely available around us, therefore should be cheaper ;) oh, if only that were true! (fyi - foliage actually costs us florists the same as some flowers! It may grow on trees, but there's a bit more to it than you may realise...)

Next time you order that bunch of flowers for Mum's birthday, take a close look: you will see beautiful flowers, arranged creatively and then wrapped and tied with a pretty ribbon, a hand written card, all delivered with a smile...

What you won't see is the behind-the-scenes work that goes into getting your blooms from field to door: Seeds are sown, seedlings are watered and nurtured for months at a time, their environments controlled, nutrition monitored, pests and disease managed, before finally harvesting and transporting to wholesale market as fast as possible, where florists buy and then prepare for use in customer bouquets. 

Phew! It's a lot of work and a lot of links in the supply chain!

Costs for everything seem to be skyrocketing at the moment - and flowers are no exception.

As well as the general costs impacting all other products and services,  Florists also combat a slow in flower production due to winter temperature changes - which reduces available stock and pushes up price.

Extreme weather also impacts crops, costs rising for wholesale distributors is also passed on... But it's not all doom and gloom! Us florists are resourceful, resilient folk. We get creative with what we can get our hands on, and keep remembering that spring is just around the corner! Where an abundance of blooms burst into life, filling our flower coolers once again and bringing you breathtaking bunches of flowers for you and your loved ones.

So next time you're looking for cheap flowers, just remember that whilst the work might look effortless - it's usually quite the opposite! Clover Bloom Co. bucks the trend with it's unique pricing designed to keep flowers affordable and simple for all... but every bunch is carefully curated and made with love, always.

Thanks for reading... 

Erin x

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